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Best Cydia Tweaks

  • Dec 29, 2014

In this section we will evaluate best Cydia tweaks for your Apple devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. To learn more about specific Cydia tweaks study the list and choose the one that attracts you the most to discover how it can affect your experience in a positive way using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

We keep updating this sections every time there is as a new Cydia tweak being announced, it is beneficial for users to visit regularly to find out about latest updates.

There are number of Cydia tweaks that could be installed to your phone after completion of your Jailbreak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Since there are so many options the evaluation and guidance on how to choose the one that fits all your requirements becomes more significant. Since there are no regulations meaning none in the term of actual regulations by an authorized body, some tweaks are in real terms not worth installing to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Understandably; many developers started by learning initial stages of how to enter to the third party iOS development and have improved their knowledge and experience in time which lead to more professional tweaks and better designs. Some examples of those early developed tweaks has shown errors, users experienced a lot of problems and some designs were very poor in terms of usability and functionality. However as a determined team we have put a lot of effort into finding the best tweaks for you and listed them below, all listed tweaks are nominated in the best and must have Cydia tweaks.

Although users choose to install many Cydia tweaks at one time that action may affect the performance and battery life of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This occurs due to your modification of how iOS functions heavily. In this regard we have researched all options for you to list best ones of all that will be beneficial the most to you in your usage on your devices. All tweaks on our list have been accompanied by a separate article on more information about the specific tweak. The list is equally varied so we leave the perusal to you for each of them to choose which one to install.

Best Cydia Tweaks For iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

SBSettings: This is one of the tweaks that is well known since it has been around for a long time and an effective reason for many users to Jailbreak in the first place. It uses a simple activator gesture such as pull down from tool bar or swipe across status bar, giving you ability to access easily all of your favourite toggles. There are so many toggles in Cydia for SBSettings such as Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, Bluetooth, Brightness, 3G, and many more…

Activator: This is tweak developed for the purpose of enabling tweaks such as SBSettings could be used. Activator helps you to use many of the tools in your iOS device much easier to get things done and it provides a base for you to enabling to set up a custom gesture to launch the tweak or application of your choice or toggle, change songs, lockscreen, brightness etc. most of the tweaks have integrated activation for activator to be used and you can easily set up gestures anywhere on your device to specific places such as lockscreen or the home screen or even on applications.

IntelliScreenX: This tweak is specifically very convenient for frequent users of notification centre, it enhances your sympathy of notification centre for sure, and it makes reading the important things for you a much enjoyable experience. It is a social life enhancer since you can set up pages for your twitter, facebook, mail account or RSS reader, another distinctive advantage of using IntelliScreenX is accessibility from lockscreen.

Zephyr: If you would like to use the multitasking bar by just swiping from bottom to the top screen this is the right tweak choice for you. Sliding from left to right or from right to left enables you to switch between applications on your iOS device screen. There are many other gestures in this tweak and one of most useful is swiping up to close applications.

DashboardX: This tweak brings widgets to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that can be also replaced anywhere on your homescreen. DashboardX can replace the notification centre on your SpringBoard, with a configured Activator a handy dashboard can also be accessed through this tweak which will display various widgets as well. Not only the notification centre but other widgets can also be displayed on the homescreen.

BiteSMS: Frequent SMS users, this tweak is designed for you, it is a revolutionary change in terms of what it does to texting and iMessage on your device. After the installation there are more details to set up in this tweak application, setting a scheduled SMS, a passcode lock, management of templates, adding signatures to texts and many other to mention becomes easy tasks. The most significant features to indicate are Quick Compose and Quick Reply. Composing a text on anywhere in your iPhone and replying to a text from anywhere again is greatest features.

Unfold: This is about “fold to unlock” effect on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch lockscreen, it is an outstanding tweak, eye catching, amazing to experience and a gift to observe the changes.

Springtomize 2: The customization expert tweak with well known customization feature on every aspect of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the tweaks found in this Cydia are nearly endless to mention, and they allow you to change different things about your device, and you save a lot on purchasing customization tweaks by using this Cydia since they are installed and available to be used all in one go, if your preference is making your device different in customizations, brightly unique to your taste then Springtomize 2 is surely for you.

NoLockScreen: If you are a person that does not like the lockscreen at all and would like to get rid of it this is very useful. The Cydia has been announced that makes the lockscreen disappears is available for you to download. You can bypass the lock screen and the hassle to unlock the passage operation to the homescreen with this tweak, hitting the home or power screen will be very straightforward. Uninstalling, activating or deactivating the feature is very simple to adjust to your needs.

RecognizeMe: As can be guessed from the name this tweak brings biometric security to your iOS device. It’s amazing to be able to use face recognition rather than passcode system, face recognition works in a different way to other technologies, the trainer takes consecutive pictures of your face to recognise detailed algorithms and uses them as a secure entry clearance system to bypass the process of passcode and well the only person to access your device is yourself.

Gridlock:  It allows you to drag or drop any icon wherever you like on your iOS device, Gridlock gives the user feeling of a desktop experience on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Safari Download Enabler: In iOS devices many users complain about not being able to download any file they require while browsing and this tweak exactly enables users to overcome this issue. It breaks limitations of downloading files from Safari for users and if you like checking on Safari Download Manager can bring more insights to effective use.

AndroidLock XT: Sometimes we need changes and they may be simple things that amuses us, by having option to unlock your screen by tapping rather than sliding or even creating your own code of unlocking, how would that sound? Interesting? Well AndroidLock XT allows you to do all of these and would be highly recommended if you are after changing the way you unlock your homescreen.

Barrel: This Cydia tweak allows you to add 3D effects on your homescreen pages, a transition effect chosen by yourself will be active every time you slide for a new page on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Winterboard and Dreamboard: Themes can be fun and these tweaks allows you to change how your iOS device looks substantially. The Winterboard was the first designed tweak and it requires a re-spring to apply the theme you choose where Dreamboard is created the application becomes completed in seconds, they are both platforms that theming can be changed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and very useful if this is what you are after.

CyDelete: Very useful to uninstall crappy packages that installed by not using the general method that makes relaunch of the Cydia a condition to remove and hit from management section, rather than this complexity after installing this tweak you may delete any package just like deleting any application downloaded from the  official Apple Store on your springboard.

3DBoard/DeepEnd: The advantage of having the tweaks 3DBoard and DeepEnd on your iOS device is giving 3D effect on the application icons on your springboard, by using the tweaks the iOS device’s sensory hardware give off to use the 3D effects. The main difference between two tweaks is that DeepEnd is free of charge where 3DBoard costs to download, there are so many reviews in comparison of the two and it is difficult to say which one is better.

WeatherIcon/LiveClock: The WeatherIcon Cydia tweak enables your weather icon to display real time weather information with changes in colour of the display in the contrast of day and night, rain or dry weather, wind or snow, instant display will be clearer in presentation with temperature information. The LiveClock Cydia tweak will as well provide the real time information on display on your springboard rather than the default 10.15 time on the application logo.

SpringBoard Invaders/SpringBlock Breaker: If you are interested in having a game of space invaders or block breakers using your springboard items every time you turn an additional page these tweaks can help.

GridTab for Safari or Tab+: GridTab for Safari and Tab+ is combination of tweaks that allows you to open many pages as you like in Safari and display them in 2x2 or 3x3 layout options, the tweaks are very useful if you browse and would like to display many screens of the safari on the same screen, no lags detected and it functions very well, layout is pretty good quality as well.

iFile: Accessing and editing files on your iOS device can be complicated, but with this tweak it becomes simpler, basically installing the tweak allows you to open any file and edit them as you wish, although it seems useful attention required before making any changes to any file since a wrong turn may lead to restoring your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The advantage of installing the tweak is impressive since it allows you change permissions, editing options for files and on the spot the application supports many music and video file format. It’s a file explorer tweak and very useful to make changes if you need to.

InfiniDock/InfiniBoards/InfiniFolders: Combination of Infini tweaks, unleashes your springboard and in other words pushes its limits, tweaks removes limitations of application and file numbers that can be stored on your dock, in a folder or in your springboard. If you would like to remove boundaries that your device has these tweaks are definitely the right choice since all iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices come with limitations from factory settings as to number of files, applications that can be stores in your dock or displayed on your homescreen.

The Best Cydia Tweaks designed for iPads:

Emblem: If you are interested in displaying the notifications on the corner of your iPad which will be flexible in seeing them by not using the traditional method Emblem is very good choice, they will appear in stacks that you can go through them by swiping easily. The feel it gives is similar to Mac notifications, you can drag the notification off screen and notifications can be easily dismissed by gestures.

SplitMail for iPad: Users prefer landscape version when using mail applications on iPad since we all like the feel of more continuous reading panel to focus on what we read, portrait orientation does not give the same feeling compared to Landscape since the side panel occurs and browsing experience is limited and if you like this to happen robust on your iPad without the need of using features to bring it to landscape orientation this tweak will help a lot. SplitMail for iPad Cydia Tweak does this robust browsing experience exactly the same on portrait orientation, trying out will make a significant difference.

Qasar: This Cydia Tweak for iPad is the best designed until now since it allows you to manage multiple applications on the same screen, without having to switch between them similar to experience a desktop usage, it’s a first of its kind and very useful tweak for all iPad users. It basically allows you to open many applications and work on them on separate screens. This tweak is for iPad only and it works similar to multitasking iOS tweaks.

RetinaPad/FullForce: iPad display is larger than iPhone display and some applications are not fully compatible with this larger display function, these two Cydia Tweaks are designed to overcome this problem on IPad to enable us use all applications with best display functions on our devices. RetinaPad allows to enable the retina display feature to be used on iPad which has a larger display compared to small screened iOS devise iPhone and FullForce tries to make applications to go full screen without losing the necessary tool and functioning of the specific application.

Fullscreen for iPad: The Fullscreen for iPad tweak is created for users of safari to be a full screen experience for avid Safari users, in addition to making it a full screen experience it brings Safari a touch function making it a real complete touch browsing experience to use. There are also options for configurations of gestures such as two or three finger swiping, shaking and many other which is functional to use the full touch browsing option on Safari.

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