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Auxo 3 Review and more detailed information on the popular tweak new version 1.1.

  • Jun 21, 2015

Auxo 3 has been recently launched as an upgraded version of well-known popular Auxo tweak, although reviews about Auxo 3 version 1.1 has been very positive there is still room for improvement. The most effective improvement shown on the Auxo 3 version 1.1 is the increased responsiveness of the programme as requested by users.

We are aware that mostly concerned down side of Auxo tweak was the responsiveness and if you ever had fallen to consider that it is never going to be responsive as much you need the new version certainly deserves a shot. I will be listing what has been added as bullet points to mention below;


- Ability of using Notification Centre for accessing recent contacts

- There is continuity support added in MC

- For QS there is Open to Last Application option available

- Ability to use Hot Corner on Home Screen to lock your device

- Ability of increasing home button functions, speedy than ever

- Optimum level of performance added for Quick Switcher

- Tweak compatibility improved to work with Polus, GridSwitcher and many others

- The new version fixed iPhone 6 plus visuals

- Issue iOS Camera Grabber fixed

- Most bugs and crashers had been fixed

- iTunes Radio Support has been improved

- iPad support for MC has been improved

In my opinion the most eye catching and feel right improvement has been the optimised performance of Quick Switcher, users have been complaining about the poor performance of Quick Switcher since launch of Auxo 2, it has never been responsive as it is now in the Auxo 3 Version 1.1. We can’t say it is 100% as there will be still some users experiencing the unresponsiveness issue in terms of speed but the new version is absolutely great and you don’t need to be too picky to criticize it, the difference in the earlier version and now is definitely huge.
Open to Last App option for the Quick Switcher is truly very useful and if it is enabled, it lets you quickly switch between two applications.

You can also disable the double clicking home button function to support the App switcher which helps to speed up the single click functions of the Home Button, we will also be talking about another tweak which is Speedy homey in here because this functionality is reminiscent of it.

Auxo 3 has been initially eliminating the shortcuts for recents and favourites in the Application Switcher, those are now relocated to Notification Center.

In the list we did above, there has been a line stating the improved support and compatibility in the MC which stands for MultiCentre, and ability to use Hot corners in the Home Screen of your device, these improvements has helped the tweak to increase compatibility significantly, with bugs fixed and various crashes sorted out, and the iPhone 6 Plus support increases the ability of the tweak for users made the new version a winner, if you have been put off for some reason to Auxo tweak you should definitely give the new version a chance, let alone even Quick Switcher responsiveness improvement deserves a chance where whole new version offers a lot more improvements to users.

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