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Asphaleia Essential Jailbreak Cydia Tweak for iOS 7

  • Jan 10, 2015

Jailbreaking allows us to enter a world with differences and whatever the reason for your jailbreaking you will find a lot in the Cydia to change or customise your home screen or even some specific applications to changing or replacing how something works in your iPhone, the options are endless thanks to the developer teams help us to use our devices with added features. Asphaleia is a cool and useful tweak that has been developed by a3tweaks team, the most effective reason to download Asphaleia tweak is to make very friendly operating system much easier to use and adding security features to applications. It is quite amazing since many of us would like to have additional security to our devices and give us more intuitive to use some apps with confidence that our privacy will be handled.

A3tweak team is very well respected and has gained users confidence in their recent developments that all they produce is useful for us to have optional features and easy to manage. Asphaleia lets us to secure applications dynamically, without the need of opening settings page, the tweak is loaded with new features to experience.

Firstly in Asphaleia you create a list of applications to implement additional security features which will be set by a dynamic control panel to control the security settings for the chosen applications. The interesting feature is the list creation can be done by using the Touch ID, of course if it’s available on your device or if not the tweak Activator can help. If you have not used Activator before it is a tweak from Cydia that can set quick actions for nearly all iOS functions, it makes the process of adding applications to the list very easy when you need to consider their security settings.

Asphaleia requires you to set a dedicated passcode to authenticate the user, the same passcode that has been used for unlocking the device can be used at this stage or it can be completely separate. Asphaleia will not only secure the applications it can also affect the system functions of apps including application arranging, previews or functions like slide to power off, control centre, spotlight, multitasking and many other functions. Additional security to use spot search or slide to power off can be very useful, imagine your device is in your siblings hand you handed over the device yourself to show something but you don’t want anyone to take advantage of your naïve behaviour by entering different apps on your device to check out what you have been doing or what pictures you took recently, we all have similar kind of situations but Asphaleia definitely solves the problem because you create the list of apps that you want additional security like finger reading feature in Touch ID and nobody apart from yourself will be able to access those apps or make changes to your device, outstanding!

Asphaleia has many levels authentication levels and intervals, change fingerprint allowances, change the unlock behaviours and Activator actions can be used to increase the effectiveness. As we already know there are security options available for many of the apps but setting them separately and not being able to control them under the same umbrella is not useful. Asphaleia is a superb tweak to install, it allows to improve the security settings for your preferred list of applications, and particularly with Touch ID the tweak becomes very interesting. The tweak can become your second nature to add security to your iDevice software after some experience, at first it may look complicated but soon you will find it useful and easy to set.

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