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Apple Supports Dropbox against Controversial Cybersecurity Bill

  • Oct 21, 2015

The news about Apple joining Dropbox to fight against the cybersecurity bill has become tremendously evolving to the software industry giants; the company has not stepped back from their initial claims of protection on users’ privacy. The cyber bill can basically provide a huge power for U.S Government to monitor citizens under the general claim of providing protection against hackers which is unacceptable since the current claims in CISA proposal will be another form of fully monetarized personal lives of us. Apple has stated to Washington Post that they do not currently support the CISA proposal and the trust of customers mean all to them and they do not believe the security should come at the price of their privacy.

Senate in U.S will vote for Cybersecurity package under the name of Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act proposal and it is striking that it is going to be voted at a time Apple underlying the significance of their customers’ privacy principles. Apple strongly opposes to the idea of government backdooring the software which means it’s a planned security breach in an application that can allow unauthorized access to data and claimed in front of judge last Monday that it is impossible to unlock devices running iOS 8 and above operating systems.

On the other side Dropbox has shared views on their acknowledgement of significance for the public and commercial world to share relevant data about emerging threats but in addition collaboration from all parties should not come at the expense of user privacy as supported by Apple. The company stated that CISA needs to focus on protection of user privacy and on the version that is on the table to be voted that certainly has not been seen.

Apple and Dropbox are not the only companies relatively fighting against the CISA proposal they are being supported by Twitter, Yelp, Reddit and Wikimedia Foundation and the well-respected giants of Cyber world Google, Yahoo and Facebook has also mentioned their concerns to Computer and Communications Industry Association.

Apple rarely get into debates with Washington and this time the debate on the policy will effect hugely not only Apple but also others in the industry and the voting is expected to be next Tuesday and it is known that White House backing up the proposal and Senate has over 70 votes expected to pass the bill. The supporters of CISA policy claim that; the only purpose is sharing the information on cyber threats with government and security agencies will protect users, but many opposed views state that this is simply veiled action of spying on users and disrespecting their privacy. The results are expected to be announced next week.

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