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All you need to know about the upcoming Apple iPad Pro

  • Oct 03, 2015

The brand new Apple iPad Pro is a gadget that is worth waiting for. First of all it comes with a 12.9 inch screen, making it a Mega device for convenient reading. The device is all you wanted in an iPad, it’s not just bigger, it comes with more functionality that makes it much better than its predecessors.

The Design

One of the most striking features of the new Apple iPad Pro is its 12.9inch Retina display – this is larger than the 9.7 inch iPad Air 2 . This large screen provides more territorial control than the regular tablet. It also comes with a full size keyboard for more functionality. With an extremely gorgeous display you will also have the chance to view contents at 2732 x 2048 pixels and all these add up to 5.9 million pixels.  Despite the big screen, this tablet is just 6.9mm thick, and it weighs just 1.54 pounds.


The iPad Pro provides excellent performance, as it runs on a new A9X processor that makes it about twice faster than the A8X. This tablet, according to experts is about 80 times faster than the regular tablets. With your iPad Pro, you will be able to take tablet-quality pictures, especially with the 8MP rear-facing mega-pixel camera, as well as the front facing HD FaceTime camera. According to Apple, the new iPad Pro battery will provide up to 10 hours when charged fully.

Powered by iOS 9

As expected, the latest iPad Pro will be powered by Apple’s newest operating system- IOS 9. The new iPad will therefore take advantage of some of the best new cool features of IOS 9 to deliver much more than expected, these include; the new Split screen feature that allows users run two apps at the same time without closing one for the other. Unlike what obtains in the Surface pro device, the new iPad Pro comes with a jumbo pad that does not run fully on OS – this may not matter much.

The Accessories

There are two new accessories that has been introduced with this new and larger device, thee are; the Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard. The smart keyboard operates in similar manner with the surface keyboard, and that means it can work as a cover and a keyboard at different times. This keyboard can also roll up to serve as a stand, making it more convenient to type in different positions. The Apple pencil is a stylus, and it appears like a small aluminum wand.


The new iPad Pro will be available in November 2015 and it is expected to cost slightly over a thousand dollars. Accessories such as Smart keyboard, Stylus Apple pencil  as well as carrying memory sizes will definitely add up to the cost of the device.

When it is eventually released, you will surely agree to the fact that the new iPad Pro is worth all the buzz and hypes that it has already generated.

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