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Activator By Ryan Petrich

  • Sep 30, 2015

The beautiful tweak that most users have rated one of the best called Activator had been released by Ryan Petrich, I am personally a follower of Ryan Petrich and do like his work very creative and impressive if I would categorize to make a general comment but today I would like to get into detail about the tweak Activator and mean time we can evaluate how the reflection of tweaks felt by users. In August 2015 a Beta upgrade of Activator had been released and today or tomorrow notification corruption had been fixed and localizations had been updated. Activator is an app that brings convenience to user’s management of their device for day to day activities. It may sound a bit complex to understand initially but in basic terminology the app allows you to assign different actions in connection to a chosen event by user.

This action can be a gesture, extension or something a lot more different. As an example we can add a gesture by activator to multitasking tray to be brought up rather than clicking the home button twice or users can configure the Activator to most launched apps in device on tapping and holding the ends of status bar. Despite using a lot of toggling apps that are also useful in various ways I found activator a little bit more detailed in comparison. Some readers probably will consider what makes Activator special apart from being able to toggle the preferred app being accessed from the status bar and all-inclusive features of convenience that had been mentioned in other studies of tweaks in this category, to be precise in neither of SBSettings, NCSettings or Auxo can provide you to move any action from Settings menu to be transferred to your status bar with full functionality, they are all limited but Activator offers a very broad range of assignments, this is distinctive and a work of artistic mind. Admiration of Ryan Petrich occurs when details are placed in the same picture. You can get to submenu options in settings directly with Activator and that is perfectly useful. You may assign any key of your device to a function, your volume control key to activate LED light flash on or any other.

Activator is a well-chosen name for the application and it does as it seems, in my opinion there may be other options to choose but this is a rare app that has the quality range of effectiveness on your way of functionality, strongly recommended and we would be pleased if you let us know how you use the Activator.

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